The Green Glaze, the most beautiful of American old variety collard greens. 

Kosher/Soul Collards

(partly based on Matt’s Four Pepper Collards, from The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen) 2013.

¼ cup of canola oil

1 cup of red onion cut into thin slices

1 long red cayenne pepper cut into thin rings or 1 tablespoon of Fish Pepper Hot Sauce (see The Cooking Gene, page 24)

1 tsp of crushed garlic

1 tsp of crushed ginger

1 tablespoon of powdered PAREVE kosher chicken broth (also called consommé by some brands)

1 teaspoon of kitchen pepper (see The Cooking Gene, page 24)

2 tablespoons of lime juice

2 tsp of coconut sugar

1 teaspoon of smoked paprika

3 cups of vegetable stock (make your own with 2 carrots cut into rounds, 1 onion studded with cloves, 3 pieces of mashed garlic, 2 parsnips cut into rounds, 1 cubed turnip, 1 bunch parsley, 3 chopped celery ribs and 1 small cubed sweet potato covered with water and slow simmered for 3 hours)

4 pounds of collards, stemmed, trimmed and cut into long thin strips.

  1.  Heat oil in large pot over medium heat, after a few minutes toss in the onion slices, and hopefully they will make the telltale light sizzle and begin to sweat.  Add the red pepper, garlic, ginger, the broth powder and kitchen pepper and slowly sweat on a low heat for 10 minutes, stirring when necessary.

  2. Raise the heat to medium high. Add the thin strips of collard green handful by handful, stirring and adjusting as necessary.  With each batch of 3 handfuls quick cook for about 5 minutes.  When all the collards have been incorporated, add the vegetable stock, allow the collards to come to a boil, but then lower the heat so that the pot settles into a slow bubble and add lime juice, coconut sugar and smoked paprika. 

  3.  Cover and cook on a low simmer for 45 minutes.  Remove with a slotted spoon and serve over cooked rice or grits. 

Serves 8. 

3 comments on “Kosher/Soul Collards 

  1. The Bonus here is the recipe for vegetable stock! Thanks!


  2. Todd Ellner

    Pareve chicken broth?!?!


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