It’s #DeenDay please help me get the word out about The Cooking Gene on Twitter

If you’re on Twitter, help me celebrate #DeenDay by helping me to get this tweet retweeted 1,619 times. Today 4 years ago, I wrote my Open Letter to Paula Deen that changed my life and career for the good. Because of the opportunities I’ve been blessed with I’ve been able to be more accessible to youth and communities that need my engagement. The Cooking Gene presents a similar but bigger opportunity to be able to engage others on a deeper level and to start a national and international conversation about heritage, food, culinary justice, and racial reconciliation and healing.  If you’re on Twitter please help us get to 1619. 

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Three Salad Dressings For the Summer

I am in total Grandma mode with my food and recipes these days…I am not really measuring, I’m cooking for love not for perfection…forgive me but its just the mood I’m in….im trying to sell a book 🙂 So just count on these recipes serving 4-6 people having salad at a meal…

Peach Balsamic Vinaigrette

1/4 cup of olive oil

1/4 cup of peach balsamic vinegar

1 finely minced garlic clove

1/2 teaspoon coarse black pepper

1/2 teaspoon or to taste kosher salt or flavored salt of your choice

1/2 teaspoon of dried, crushed rosemary OR bruise a small sprig and let it steep for 30 minutes then remove.

Whisk or shake together, let rest for 30 minutes, whisk again and serve with fresh vegetable salad of your choice or use as a marinade for chicken.

Honeycrisp Vinegar Mustard Dressing

1/4 cup of Honeycrisp or other specific varietal apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon finely minced shallot

1/2 teaspoon or to taste kosher salt or seasoned salt of your choice

1/2 teaspoon of coarse black pepper

1 tablespoon and a half of prepared brown or deli mustard

2/3 cup of light extra virgin olive  oil

Whisk together the first few ingredients then add the olive oil in a slow stream, whisk it well.  Serve immediately with salad or grilled meat or fish of your choice.

Tahini Dressing

1/2 cup of tahini paste (sesame paste) with its oil, well mixed

2 finely minced garlic cloves

1/3 cup of cold, strained vegetable stock

1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice

1 tsp of kosher or sea salt depending on your preference and taste

1/2 tsp or more Z’HUG to your taste….z’hug is a Yemenite hot sauce very popular in Israel and throughout the Middle East.

You can whisk all you want if you want a strong hand but do yourself a favor and put it in a blender until smooth.

(this one will keep refrigerated for about a week)

Hey I got a new book coming out August 1, pre-order now!  Here’s what Kirkus Review said about it!
















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I have an Amazon author page! Check it out!

I appreciate everybody’s support. I am working hard everyday to make this a success. If your heart so moves you be sure to pre-order the book now. Bookplates are being arranged for those who request autographs. Right now, pre-orders and sharing this post EVERYWHERE you have a social media presence will be a great boon for long term success. (AND ITS FREE! 🙂 ) Thank you for being on my team. I love you all. 


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Kirkus review of The Cooking Gene is in!

Just wanted to put everybody on notice that the good reviews keep coming in. Today was a good day in the life of The Cooking Gene. I got word from Ted Lee that the Kirkus Review had issued its response to the book. It was pretty awesome—and a starred review!! 

If you’re an avid follower or follow me on social media, please share the good news on your site or social media platforms. You birthed this project, you sustained it, and now it’s time for the final push—selling the book and everything it represents for our future, our country and our world. Sharing is free and in a world where going electronically viral is key to survival, absolutely necessary. I appreciate my supporters and their willingness to get the word out. 

If you’re jazzed by the review and are ready to order your own copy click here!

Much love y’all. We are almost there!

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Chef Michael Twitty Teaches History and Nurtures Harmony with Every Meal | @BCBSNC

Cool interview. Really enjoyed it. Enjoy!

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Why BBQ is America’s Most Political Food

Enjoy this story I was interviewed for along with my friends and colleagues Chuck Reese and Kathleen Purvis. Special thanks to Georgia Public Radio. 

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Kosher Soul Food Feeds Truth to History | Atlanta Jewish Times

I love this piece. It was written by a fellow Jew of color and it shows! I felt authentically represented in my full self.


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