Honored that this selection from THE COOKING GENE appears on Eater 🙂

The love that everyone is showing for this book is amazing and very emotional for me. I am grateful for all of the positive energy and strength from my old and newfound family. May all the good vibes go beyond us to heal our South, the country and the world. Why hold it in? 

If you would like to know more about my book visit here and if you would like to get a copy visit the above link or here. At a time when we are once again trying to wrestle with race in America, I offer my work as a means to promote healing and understanding. We need it desperately.

Sister Heather Beyer, we thank you for your service as a human being doing Gds work on planet earth.

2 comments on “The Forgotten History of Black Chefs – Eater

  1. Hi Michael, are you doing any appearances in Northern California besides the MOAD dinner? As exciting as that looks, I won’t be able to swing that, but would love to come to a signing. Thanks!


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