This is cool. I pretty much like it and go, aiight. 

I guess I’d like to correct a few things. 1. Because of an unscrupulous landlord and some failures on the part of the City of Rockville Code Enforcement Division to address how they broke the law, I no longer live in Rockville, Maryland. It is no longer my hometown.

Also, I didn’t drop out of Howard University, I ran out of money. Drop out and broke out are two different things. Hey, just being real. 

And, “substantial girth,” yes, and? Normally I’d take that as a compliment but in this differing context….I will still take it as a compliment. 



2 comments on “The Washington Post Review of The Cooking Gene 

  1. Jay Templin

    If you need a new hometown, we have plenty of good candidates here in Virginia!


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