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Splendid Indeed, Part Two!

So if you tuned in to the Splendid Table  and caught the bit about the Seed Collection, etc. etc. and you were interested in what I had to say you probably came here and my website to be–which currently is not finished because I have to keep up with some updating demands!

So, while will not be up until the end of next week, it promises to be a newer, sleeker version of the old site.  (It was nice while I let it last…) I wanted to have a site I could continually and consistently update, sell books from, and use as a public face.  The site will link to this blog and vice versa.  Afroculinaria is where I talk about whats on my mind and what I’m cooking; the site will aim to get the word out there about my professional mission as an intellectual brand.

If anyone is interested in obtaining copies of Fighting Old Nep: The Foodways of Enslaved Afro-Marylanders 1634-1864, please write @!

I’m working on a few projects, but this year’s garden–late spring into early winter will go towards a cookbook that will be written across the growing season and embrace all of my identities; so as soon as I start getting crops to roll in, expect a few test recipes, starting with something in the young greens, lettuce, onion, herbs department.  I’m looking to do some very different things with very traditional ingredients.  I’m going to cook at the crossroads and cross some borders so watch out!

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