Hello, so for all those who were ready for a ride–and saw me disappear for several months here’s a recap before I get back to blogging:

  • My Mom had to undergo bypass surgery and as the only son that’s been rough to deal with/take care of…she’s okay but it has not been easy.
  • I have not been able to gather the troops as in years past to get presentations booked and do my usual gigs teaching, speaking, etc. thanks to a blend of organizational politics, the recession, and the unchanging nature of some Southern plantation museums.  So its been a hard summer.  I’m teaching again and about to launch a kickstarter for a somewhat related personal project–so trying to bring all the parts together again!  Here are some teaser shots of whats to come:

So, the garden results are in…the early potato crop was delicious…I may not have been presenting, but on occasion–I ate well!  Thank you JFW for great shots!

I did get my cymlings this year 🙂

My friend William Woys Weaver contemplates his garden…

And then the tomatoes kept coming….and the peppers and later the okra…

And the beans—-and I got my revenge with smoked turkey and one of my few red onions…

Then came a Thai meets African/African American meal—Beef with Peanut Sauce, Thai style coleslaw with fish sauce, hot pepper–Fish pepper 🙂 and stir fried collard greens

And I learned about how much I would enjoy eating my own fresh greens in a salad!

Stay tuned…

oh yeah I almost forgot:

Cupcakes in Philly from Philadelphia Cupcake:

I had the chocolate chip and Jewish apple cake; the shiny glitter covered cupcake was my friend’s they call it the King-and yes that’s bacon….and chocolate…

We have a lot to talk about….

1 comment on “I’M BACK!

  1. So glad you’re back! Thai-style coleslaw, hm??


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