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Splendid Indeed! I’m Going to Be on the Splendid Table!

Hey strangers!

So when Lynne Rosetto Kasper calls you up and you’ve dreamed about talking to her what do you do?  LOL!  Lynne spoke to one of my favorite people, Barb Melera of D. Landreth seed company about a collection Barbara asked me to coordinate a few years ago in honor of Landreth’s anniversary catalog.  Landreth is the country’s oldest seed catalog company.

Lynne was a real pleasure to talk to and masterfully encapsulated the collection and my work.  I’ll let the interview, which will be posted with links for May 7th speak for itself.  Check in with them often!

1 comment on “Splendid Indeed! I’m Going to Be on the Splendid Table!

  1. alma stent

    Yes I did catch your but briefly appearance on Splendid Table Very interested in your studies Afro Am foods Enjoyed the presentation. The historical details were of great interest Visited the Landreth site catalog out of print enjoyed the graphic art work



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