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“They’re trying to take away our culture. They’re trying to take away our history,” A Wake Up Call From a Twitter Thread

Many of you asked me to put my Twitter thread into a blog post, here it goes. If you want to see where all these words really lead, and want to order my book here is a link. Thank you everyone for your support, appreciation and sense of family. No matter what your color we are family. I have edited this thread for clarity.

Get ready for a long thread. I’m feeling something I have to get off my chest. Like now.

“They’re trying to take away our culture. They’re trying to take away our history,” Drumpf says. Ok.

“Weak weak people,” he says.

Trump, you know you’re Drumpf from Germany, and unproven rumors swirl that your mother was an illegal immigrant from Scotland. You wouldnt know anything about unproven rumors about people’s national origins, even when they are proven. Easy for you to skip on back…to your old country.

I worked for 35 years to produce this.

 Why? Because I didn’t know where we came from. That is a luxury Mr. Drumpf, a privilege to be able to claim where your genes come from. 

Who gives a damn whether you wear leiderhosen or a kilt….

I had to spend thousands of dollars to figure out my family’s story. Hours of archival research. Hundreds of illegible pages to find my people listed with the horses, cows, pigs.

Our story was taken from us by force

I was never supposed to go by any other name than nigger.

I was never supposed to be able to vote.

I was never supposed to read and write

I was never supposed to be in a relationship with a white person that wasn’t exploitative.

I was never supposed to be able to challenge a white man.

I was never supposed to be able to find my way back to my African roots or know the names of my enslaved African American ancestors.

You talk about history and culture as if taking a statue down has more power to destroy a people than the whip and auction block or rape. 

What fucking arrogance on your part. 

To pander to a base claiming unity while verbally assaulting our cause and claiming an assault on a culture that has never known any assault save it’s own hedonism and amnesia. 

Do you know what it’s like, Mr. Drumpf to wait 400 years to hear your real name again? Is it weak to not want cultural genocide celebrated for eternity?

What is it like to never hear your language spoken again until it drains from you like a lifeforce?

What is it like to never be able to honor the Spiritual forces passed down to you from your Ancestors on pain of death?

Or be sold from your parents, your spouse, or your children interrupting memory and the inheritance of heritage?

You better thank whatever deity you believe in other than Mammon that you will never be exiled and turned into property.

The only way I know who my ancestors were is their value as 3/5ths of a person.

When a Native person hears you talk such shit they remember long hair being chopped off

Native ppl remember having to write “I will not speak Pawnee/Navajo/Choctaw” until their hands bled. Hawaiian people remember the missionaries, people of all colors have had their heritage beaten out of them, but you call us “weak,” while you advocate the worship of cheap statues, the American version of the Golden Calf.

You mock the castrations, beheadings, ghastly deaths of thousands of people with your rampage of words, all so you can feel glory while you yet have flesh.

Drumpf you know nothing about having your history and culture taken from you.

My fucking name isn’t Twitty. It’s Ndiaye meaning the Lion (clan). I found a living cousin in Senegal who kept our name alive.

When your Drunpfs were in caves we were building Ghana, Mali and Songhai.

When my Ancestors were predicting the movement of the heavens as part if their religion yours were being blinded by eclipses. And you apparently have continued the tradition.

But…the sad part is this…you don’t realize your lies and bravado are tied to the fact I had to fight my way to recover bits and pieces.

Your power is based on the removal of “history and culture” from people of color. Because of those tortures, you went from being human to being white. We went from human to nigger. 

Your bravado and arrogance are direct results of what was stolen from us. As long as we had no memory we had no weapons with which to fight. 

But I brought our memory back with many others and we will not forget and we will not let this go. Resistance is our heritage.

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