Enjoy this piece I wrote, freshly published on The Guardian giving a short history of how barbecue is connected to American food and freedom through its enslaved African and Native American roots!




10 comments on “A People’s History of Southern Barbecue

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    I do not want to hear your lies. Now, get your “African” ass out of my fucking nation. Try “sharecroppers” dumb ass.


    • Professor G.

      Thanks for being that guy (or gal) whose ignorant, hateful racism reminds everyone why we need to keep reading pieces like this one. And why Mr. Twitty and others need to keep writing them. P.S. “Your nation”? Hilarious.


  2. Anonymous

    Very interesting. I’ve been digging a fire pit in my backyard for a few days, and one of my intentions for it is to try out “barbacoa” technique, burying the meat (cow head, if I can get it) under wet leaves in the embers and ashes of a big fire. I understand this style of cooking to descend from what Arawak people did. This piece has given me much to think about as I dig.


  3. Great piece Michael


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    From the talented pen of Michael Twitty.

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  5. Nice! I enjoyed that reading, and the images are very nice! There’s nothing like educating yourself on our history! Great job!


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  7. Great article. My wife & I listened to your interview on CBC radio Q show with Shad. We were both very impressed with your presentation. 🙂


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