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My Heritage, Your Hate: Take on the Confederate Battle Flag Controversy

This is my response to the Confederate battle flag controversy.  The heritage of the Confederate era doesn’t just belong to white people, and for those of us who have a part in that history, it is impossible not to weigh in to correct some misperceptions about the divide between heritage and hate.  I hope this adds some richness and flavor to a debate that is lodged in tones of black and white.  As the descendant of whites who served in the Confederacy I have a unique take on how this narrative impacts our story as African Americans in a way the counter-protestors have failed to acknowledge.

Since its publication activist Bree Newsome climbed the flag pole in Columbia an d took down the flag.  Bree you have my utmost respect and appreciation for your act of civil disobedience and gentle use of spiritual force and creative power.

Chelius H. Carter's photo.


3 comments on “My Heritage, Your Hate: Take on the Confederate Battle Flag Controversy

  1. That Guardian piece is great. You are such a subtle thinker.


  2. Take Down the Flag

    I disagree with your guardian piece. I think removing the Confederate Flag from Government buildings,sites, etc is extremely important. No one agitating for that is under the impression that it will end the systemic racism that exist or solve the issues of police brutality, voter suppression, etc, etc. Symbols have meaning and power it’s not just a scar. So yes having SC and other states taking down the flag is important and it should be done.


    • I’m just saying both should be done. It’s still part of Southern history. I just don’t think it should be used in a civic manner. But I see so many more ppl using causes like these as an easy fix instead of doing the hard work. I appreciate your comment.


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