So you have been waiting for this years garden list:

Senegalese Niebe Cowpea
Carolina Black Peanut
Garden Huckleberry
Burkina Faso Eggplant
Gbogame Eggplant
Brandywine Tomato
Plate du Hayti Tomato
Amish Paste Tomato
Star of David Okra
Choppee Okra
Sugar Drip and Black Amber Sorghum
Greek Oregano
Common Sage
Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
Beauregard Sweet Potatoes
White Yam Sweet Potatoes
Rose Fingerling Potatoes
Yam White Potatoes
German Thyme
Rainbow Chard
Five Color Beet
Cutting Celery
Red Romaine Lettuce
Italian Dandelion Greens


German Green Tomato
Maryland Fish Pepper
Cymling Squash
Straight neck Yellow Squash
Portuguese White Onions
Tennis Ball Lettuce
Danvers Carrot
Chocolate Habanero Pepper
Red Carribean Hot Pepper
Thai Hot Pepper


Orinoco Tobacco
Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans
Charleston Watermelon
Romaine Lettuce
Deer Tongue Lettuce
Green Glaze Collard Greens
Sweet Basil
French Lavender
Eritrean Basil
Chocolate Mint

9 comments on “The Garden List

  1. Many thanks to you, Kitchen Garden Cookin’ Brother #1 Mr Twitty!
    all hail.


  2. I envy any spot of land bigger than a postage stamp that has all-day sun… and, apparently, an excellent source of seeds!


  3. Barbara Meza

    Oh! What a delicious list!

    Peace, Barbara Meza

    be present in your life… 201-978-7335

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. What an amazing list of food grown in your own garden. Thanks for sharing


  5. Great List! You going to smoke the tobacco?

    Sara’s landlords grow tomatoes so I’ve been snacking on grape tomatoes.



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