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Those hot rolls come from a place of love.

And I can enjoy them with friends in ways the past never allowed.

Soft shelled crabs are a food I don’t indulge in but it’s a challenge to make new local foods from the Chesapeake South sing.

It’s a pleasure to be able to eat with the seasons.

And see the Red Devon cattle in the pasture and enjoy their milk.

And watch a garden come to life that represents the Ancestors.

I love learning about the intersection of nature and culture.

It thrills me to know we had a different relationship with all the species we relies upon.

This has been a good year for okra.

And beans

And melons

For sweet potato greens

And tender cymling squash

And for hot peach cobbler too..

And for herbs and fresh tomatoes

YES we fry ribs, but its not a habit.

And we cook as a community

I learn from time alone in the woods:

And from the trees…

We cook the food of Africa too.

Seasoned well

Roasting lamb with hot peppers as they did..

Cooking our way back home…

3 comments on “The Work, a Photo Essay

  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you.


  2. Alisa Boyd

    Beautiful photos, beautiful thoughts. My grandmother made a wonderful peach cobbler, and your pictures of that brought back many good memories. Also,I didn’t know sweet potato greens were edible!


  3. Bountiful harvest, lovely words! “Cooking our way back home…”, complex, and telling. Also, biscuits look bomb. Thanks for sharing.


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