So if you remember I brought Kosher Soul to the Jewish Museum of Maryland for Black History Month, here is a very vrry nice write up by Rosemary Hutzler who writes for the Forward’s Jew and the Carrot blog; here’s a little sample:

The African American chef in the rainbow kippah looked up from arranging his implements to survey the crowd assembling before him. “What about the people coming in?” he murmured, and was told, “We’re out of chairs.”

More than 100 people had come in. The chef’s eyes widened theatrically. “It’s mamash a nais!”

“Truly a miracle” — as an estimation of the turnout for “Kosher/Soul,” Michael Twitty’s lecture and cooking demonstration at the Jewish Museum of Maryland — might be hyperbole. After all, with a title like that, and a menu boasting black-eyed pea hummus and egg rolls with turkey pastrami and collard greens, who wouldn’t want to be there if they could? But the back story is no small wonder.

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1 comment on “Hey I’m in “The Jew and the Carrot”!

  1. That’s how I found out about you, and I am in LOVE with your blogs and your work. We are kindred spirits. This is so inspiring. I can’t wait to read all the archives! Thanks to The Forward for letting me know about you!


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