Just in Case you Missed it : Nicole Taylor’s Hot Grease :)


First Aired – 04/09/2012 03:30PM
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This week on Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor recaps the week’s food headlines, including some of the backlash against “hipster farming”. Also tune in and hear about African American cooking history and antebellum kitchens from Michael Twitty of www.TheCookingGene.com. Find out the origins of one pot meals, BBQ and hearth cooking as it relates to slavery and African American history. Later on the show, Caylin Sanders of EscapeMaker.com previews the upcoming Local Food & Travel Expo at One Hanson Place in Brooklyn. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

Photo: Michael Twitty of www.TheCookingGene.com

“At the end of the day, we all want the DIY movement to go mainstream. We want to make it accessible. I’m totally cool with [all this media coverage].”

“I think the problem with hipsters and farming is that sometimes they start growing food and doing these projects with an attitude as if they are the first to do it. They should pay homage to people in these communities that have been doing it long before they did.”

–Nicole Taylor on Hot Grease

1 comment on “Just in Case you Missed it : Nicole Taylor’s Hot Grease :)

  1. There’s a hipster farming movement?! Good grief. I guess nothing’s sacred. My grandfather was a farmer, as was his father, and many generations back. Even after Paw-Paw stopped farming, my grandmother still raised most of her own vegetables. To me, there’s nothing hip about my growing my own vegetables or keeping my own chickens. It simply makes sense, and keeps me closely connected to what I eat.

    Thanks for the links and video! This is great. 🙂


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