Bringing Together African-American And Kosher Cuisines | Here & Now

Fresh from NPR’s Here and Now, an interview with me today about the real koshersoul. Cuisine that is…  🙂 Enjoy



About michaelwtwitty

I am a Judaics teacher and Culinary Historian focusing on the foodways of Africa, enslaved African Americans, African America and the African and Jewish diasporas.
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6 Responses to Bringing Together African-American And Kosher Cuisines | Here & Now

  1. motivatedbrown says:

    Looks amazing… If it wasn’t for prep it would be a late night meal as we speak.

  2. shaquinta14 says:

    Reblogged this on shaquinta1rhodes and commented:
    Look delicious

  3. Two are better than one… for if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow!

  4. amaispeaks says:

    It is the truth that sets one free. No one owns the great Almighty. To Yah be the glory. It is written that all nations of men come from one blood. It is factual that man emanated from the continent of Africa. It should not be a curiosity, but rather understood, that the original Hebrew Israelite nation was a people of color. Michael Twitty is not the exception. As the prophetic word of Yahweh continues to unveil, true Israel will be recognized. It is written. It will be. Shalom, AMAI

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