Originally 30 people were signed up and that was great.

Just over 100 people showed up and participated, 70 of which were die hard beginning to end 2.5 hours worth of audience members..

On the menu: Kosher/Soul Rolls (recipe to come–with pastrami and collard greens inside) with a ginger and scallion based dipping sauce,   Southern style hamantaschen–with benne brittle (sesame candy), peach preserves and blackberry preserves, and black eyed pea hummus spiced with heirloom peppers and special soul-style seasonings. Culinary historian and food writer Jane Ziegelman, author of 97 Orchard of the Tenement Museum in New York was in attendance with her family!  What prestigious company I had!  Special thanks to Karen Falk–curator of the fantastic exhibit Chosen Food, Ilene Dackmann-Alon, and Rachel Cylus who inherited the massive task and pulled it off beautifully.  Thank you Jewish Museum of Maryland!

I cannot emphasize this enough:  PLEASE support The Cooking Gene. http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Cooking-Gene-Project-The-Southern-Discomfort-Tour   If you can give up Starbucks for just 2-3 days you’ve done a lot to support our project. We have 70-odd days and if we do not raise the money, we are giving it back and not doing this project which has the potential to not only help us, and you, but innumerable people throughout the South.  We provide a lot of free content and recipes and tips and hints to our readers throughout the blogs and other social media and its time to give back. It is African American Heritage Month/Black History Month and it comes but once a year.  We can’t do this without you–and if you can give more than 10 bucks-that’s greatly greatly appreciated.  Please see what we’re doing and donate TODAY! We need you–if you’re reading this blog and getting a lot out of it–give a little back!  http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Cooking-Gene-Project-The-Southern-Discomfort-Tour.  I don’t want to give up on this project before it even gets off the ground, so please help us make it happen!


2 comments on “Kosher/Soul Was a Success!

  1. please send me recipe for collard greens and pastrami egg rolls


  2. big mike saw you on bizarre foods keep up the good work.


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