“More than Slave Food” was a towering success….

We had about 120 people come through, sit down, listen to an hour and a half lecture and also enjoy some piping hot cheb-u-niebe–black eyed peas and rice, okra soup and plasas greens!  About 80% stayed to the end which was great!  (Two classes showed up–one from Pitt and another from CMU, with a good handful of students from Chatham!)  Lots of people from the community and the faculty came as well—and overall–despite the fact that making all that food and being nervous as hell, I made it through.   This was MY FIRST EVENT CONNECTED TO THE COOKING GENE OF 2012!  (www.thecookinggene.com)  

Special thanks to: 

Carnegie-Mellon University, Dr. Edda Fields-Black, Sam Black, Tim Haggerty, M. Shernell Smith, Anna Hauck, Heather Pertz, Chef Sean Minnehan, Chef Jeremy Niederhiser, Chef Jason and Chef Victor and the entire staff of the CulinArts Kitchen who really made me feel at home and took great care of me as a cook and a presenter!  And a special thank you to the good people of Pittsburgh-I look forward to coming back in May and July.

Special thanks to Andy Moore for showing up and shaking my hand–he is the first person who donated to The Cooking Gene who I’ve been able to personally thank on behalf of my ancestors.

PLEASE don’t forget about us–we really need your help–we barely have 600$ of our 8,000 dollar goal.  We really need you if you’re reading this–and donations start at 10 bucks–if you can give up Starbucks for 3 days–you can help us do this really important project!  Please donate to your ability today!  http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Cooking-Gene-Project-The-Southern-Discomfort-Tour

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