So I am fast and furiously spending the night writing and re-writing….

Don’t Forget WE REALLY REALLY need you:

This is whats coming up this week!

  • A Tribute to Alex Haley on and Afroculinaria
  • The African American Cookbook and Immigrant Cookbook sessions from the Roger Smith Cookbook Conference–Notes from the Field
  • “You Can Come By My House at Twelve: Black Food, Love and Sex–The TV MA Valentine’s Day Issue.”
  • The Caramel/Sea Salt Glazed Sour Cream and Cream Cheese Pound and a Half Cake Recipe
See you at CARNEGIE-MELLON this February 16, 2012:

AND !!

February 18, 2012 ROOTING DC!   Register NOW!!!

I’m presenting in the afternoon!



February 19, 2012

Kosher Soul
February 19, 1-3pm
Jewish Museum of Maryland, Baltimore

  • 15 Lloyd St. , Baltimore , MD , 21202
  • Phone:
    410-732-6400 (Phone)

Join culinary historian and Judaics teacher Michael W. Twitty for a cooking demonstration and discussion of how he blends his African American roots in the Deep South with his adopted Jewish culture and faith. Kosher/Soul is about how cooking can reflect personal identity while honoring family, faith, and our common future in food.  Join Mr. Twitty as we nosh on soul food that “answers to a Higher Authority.”

Don’t forget–WE NEED YOU:

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