So thanks for the Racist Comment…

Dear “NiggerBeater6969”—

This is what you said to me:

“i owned 3 niggers but i had to give them away cuz the apratment i moved in didnt allow them as pets”

I have no earthly idea why you decided to comment on my blog.  It’s a food blog.  It’s a food blog that comes out of my culture, but is meant for everyone.  I started it because I didn’t see people like me doing a lot of this kind of work and I wanted to share my love of my history and civilization with the world.  I didn’t put it out there so you could violate or disrespect me.

This blog is really important to a lot of people.  They are not just Black, they are every color and are reading this on six continents.  Maybe you hate that I’m Black, or Jewish, or don’t think I’m human.  I’ve got white blood too–so does that mean you hate only 2/3 of me?  My godson is white and Jewish, do you hate the fact that he’s Jewish or love him because he’s white with blond hair and blue eyes? Now I don’t know you–and you don’t know me–good enough reason for you not to have sent that message to me…But here’s the deal…

If you want me to hate you, I won’t.  If you want me to overreact–I won’t…I’m just telling you through this post that you will not hide behind the Internet and troll looking for cheap thrills.  My great-grandfather told his children, “When the Klan comes marching by, stay on the porch…because your Father’s house is where you don’t run from nobody.”  His blood is in my veins.  His blood is telling me to tell you—this is my house and here is where I run from no one.

A few weeks ago I taught my 8-9th grade students in Hebrew School all about individuals like you and why they should refrain from talking like you and saying things like, “nigger,” or “that’s so gay,” or “that’s retarded.”  In that synagogue we are white, brown, tan, dark brown—representing people from across the world who are also Jewish.  I’m really really proud of my kids right now because they get it and you don’t–and what’s great is that they can spell better than you too.  Like it or not, the rest of us are moving on and leaving you behind.

You know the funny part?  More than likely you ate or drank something that comes from Africa or originated in Africa.  Since that’s the case you should learn some history while you’re here.  Who knows, you could learn a lot from a “pet.”


Mr. Michael W. Twitty–An educated Black man who loves G-d more than he could ever hate you–which makes me my Ancestors best fantasy and your worst nightmare.  like evil doesn’t like light, ignorance and hate don’t like love.

From Joseph McGill:  As a Civil War reenactor for the last 20 years and sleeping in slave dwellings for the last two years, I have gotten similar comments. Your passion and mine are similar, we have found creative ways to honor our ancestors. For our ways of making our history relevant, we often put ourselves in harms way. Comments like that will not be the last, in fact, I’ve come to expect them, they let me know that we are not there yet and there is more work to be done. Stay strong my brother and remember it’s not about us, it’s about our ancestors.

4 comments on “So thanks for the Racist Comment…

  1. Charlotte Tancin

    Beautiful response, Michael. Keep up the good work.


    • Hello and thank you so much for your passion and showing our culture in a positive light. I was searching for African recipes when I found your blog and I enjoy it very very much. Keep up the good work and God Bless You.



  2. “Like it or not, the rest of us are moving on and leaving you behind.” Powerful statement


  3. Amanda Helms

    I have to say that was the best response ever! I’m looking for what that is in the pic…i saw one today and am researching it…I looked like it was a racist thing to have and wanted to find out more about it. It was in this lady’s house I was cleaning. It just peaked my interest and am wondering why she has this.


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