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A Special Thanks To…/The Roger Smith Cookbook Conference

Wow…the Roger Smith Cookbook Conference was the place to be!

So I need to write more about this in depth before I head off to Carnegie Mellon….but I have to give thanks to  a lot of people and recognize how grateful I am for their openness and encouragement.  In this world its not often that you find some semblance of community especially when you are a young’un like myself.

Hey Andrew (Andy) Smith—thanks for taking the time out to give me that pep talk before I came   up and thanks for having me present at the Conference.

Hey Anne Mendelsohn and Cara De Silva–thanks for being personal heroes as well as the kind of people who encouraged me to keep going and pushing forward…and for those “I’m proud of you!” moments that made me feel a part of something.

Hey my new sister Tonya Hopkins—its all about the kindred spirits and being kin to one another—more strength to you!

Hey Toni-Tipton Martin and Donna Pierce—when you looked at Tonya and I and said that it was a “new day,” and how proud you were of the next generation–it was the kind of moment that is pure catharsis.  Donna I will see you in Mobile!  Toni–keep em real–can’t wait to plug The Jemima Code.

Hey Ken Albala–you’re genuine and real and a clear through and through mentor.  You’re fantastic for encouraging me to get off my butt and do….and now….

Hey Sandra Oliver and Linda Civitello–gosh–I never would have thought two of my favorites would be know me in a crowd–the kippa helps though! Sandy Oliver–per your instruction I will “keep going!” Linda Civitello–thank you for laying down the truth on the “documentation issue.”

Annie Hauck-Lawson! —-WHOA—you gave me the two best hugs and told me the greatest stories and I just appreciate you for the encouragement and letting me thank you for your fantastic approach to food studies.

Jane Ziegelman—thank you for your work and the wonderful session on immigrant cookbooks! We will be in touch!

Joan Nathan–thanks for everything past and present, it was so nice to see you again!

Hey Mary Margaret, Miriam Rubin, and more for all the refreshing conversation and words of wisdom!

Last but not least, blessings and thanks to my friends Andrew and Heather of Forest Hills who gave me a place to stay and a grand Shabbos meal 🙂

Don’t forget–WE NEED YOU:

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