Please enjoy this short BBC Food Chain interview from their Food Pilgrim series about seeking the source of some food and folklore on both sides of my family. The subject is basil a culinary and medicinal herb known and widely used in West Africa but also with some history in the American South, a history that I documented in The Cooking Gene. Be sure to get a copy…it was a finalist for The Kirkus Prize in Nonfiction and is an Art of Eating semifinalist as well as a Barnes and NobleNew Discoveries Nonfiction finalist! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT.

Here is a great recipe for peppe soup using basil.

2 comments on “It Keeps the Evil Out of Your House: Basil by the Front Door in the American South and West Africa

  1. How interesting! I grew up in the American Southwest, in a Hispanic-Catholic family, and both my great-grandmothers talked about “albahaca” which is basil in Spanish and how important it was for healing and cooking. Love your book, by the way! I plan to blog it later this spring. Wonderful post!


  2. I have always read that basil planted in the garden keeps sickness away and that a thriving rosemary bush by the kitchen door means a strong woman lives in the house. I always try to have both! 🙂

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