My presentation at the Southern Foodways Alliance 2016 on corn and the story of the African Diaspora and American slavery. Please enjoy and share! WARNING…I have NO CHILL IN THIS TALK.

6 comments on “How Corn Shaped the Black Culinary Experience/Southern Foodways Alliance 2016.

  1. Wow. Thank you. I will never look at corn the same way again.


  2. Fascinating post! Love the history and cultural backdrop you always bring.


  3. Melanie G

    This is wonderful. I will be sharing!


  4. I finally had a chance to sit down and listen to this speech. Thank you for explaining how corn got to Africa in the first place. I have always wondered how that went down. This really makes me want to study more about my own Southern background. Ever since I had my parents test their DNA and saw the results and studied my family tree and saw where my people came from, I’ve felt drawn to the South. And even though they’re relatively far back in my family tree, I feel drawn to my own African ancestors as well. This talk about corn made me feel oddly connected to them. The next time I eat cornbread, I’ll try to honor them with every bite. How strange and beautiful and wonderful that food can connect us to people who lived hundreds of years ago and make them feel alive in us again…


  5. SamanthaMG

    Loved it, learned a lot and now I want to get my DNA tested. Thanks this was awesome!


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