Chef Carla Hall (Top Chef, The Chew)  and I were the first guests on African Ancestry Radio on Sirius XM! She’s awesome. She had her father’s African roots revealed on air. She is from the Bubi people of Equatorial Guinea of Bioko Island. She is also Yoruba on her mother’s side. These tests represent 7 generations into the past when Chef Hall’s ancestors stepped onto American soil in Virginia and South Carolina.

The Cooking Gene is coming to fruition. Next August 2017, everything will come to fruition. I am so glad that I’ve gotten so many culinarians to test for African roots and try to understand their own unique culunary abd historic path.Although Chef Carla was already tested with African Ancestry, I’m so glad I got to help Carla understand and contextualize her roots.

Self knowledge is powerful. 

Please visit Please visit Chef Hall here. Carl’s Southern Kitchen has all vegetarian sides!

Chef Carla Hall, me and Gina Paige of African Ancestry

Representing the Bubi, Yoruba, Mende, Asante, Temne and Fulani peoples…among many others…

Happy Cooking!

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  2. Heart me some Carla


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