Hi! I’m waving from Vancouver, Canada where I’m sooo excited to be attending #TED2016 as a new Ted Fellow. If you’re learning about my work for the first time, the above profile link (Thanks Cheri/WordPress!) will catch you up to speed.

If you’re at #TED2016 please come up and say hello! Come join me and my incredibly talented class of Fellows at our talk today!


3 comments on “Where Food and History Meet: Michael W. Twitty’s Culinary Journey at Afroculinaria | Discover

  1. Have a good time at TED and in Vancouver. Thanks again, Michael!


  2. Congratulations Michael! You deserve this awesome opportunity.


  3. This is so exciting! Include a link to your time on stage, if possible. I would love to watch the program. Again, congratulations on the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful and hugely informative program.



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