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Indiegogo Campaign Launches in One Week

It has been two days and I’ve gotten four hours of sleep.  No rest for the weary.  The Ancestors are working me overtime.

Our Indiegogo Campaign launches on Wednesday, February 1, 2012.  Yes, the first day of African American Heritage Month.  We are posting the link and blogging the page here and at  We are asking in advance that even the chance visitors to this site among you would take the opportunity to post our link to your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media networks you belong to and consider emailing or texting our link to others you know that may be interested in our project.  The five of us are really super excited and can’t believe that we all got drawn into this project from such diverse directions–history, cooking, genealogy, spiritual work, visual arts, photography, performing arts, social justice work and all points between.

We look forward to bringing The Cooking Gene-Southern Discomfort Tour to you and we’re excited to see how this campaign on shapes up so that we can make it happen.  This is the first journey/project of its type and we are proud to say that a multicultural team is bringing it to life through food, writing, photographs, video and hopefully communities transformed through dialogue, action and food.  Feel free to re-blog our posts and see the project blog for the many ways you can help.  I am glad to say that people along the route are just starting to contact us about when we are coming to town.  Please help us get the word out, please note if people in your network can help us get this off the ground, and contact us if you have a connect we need to explore in order to make this a rich culinary journey through family history.

Love and Peace


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