Enjoy this article about the conference I spoke at during an appearance at Old Salem in North Carolina at the Southern Garden and Landscapes conference.  Lots of fantastic learning from great scholars, delicious heirloom meals and exchanges of ideas from across the Southeast.  Loved it!

1 comment on “Heritage gardening, farming at Old Salem – Michael Hastings – WS Journal

  1. Adrienne Sudolsky

    I grew up in a southern, white family with roots in Memphis, Arkansas and Louisiana. My mother would often greet us at breakfast with delicious, hot “Hoe Cake” ,a recipe she learned from her family’s African American cook. Instead of using cornmeal, this recipe uses flour and is baked, not fried. Sometimes my mother would fancy it up and line the cake pan with melted butter and brown sugar and then cover with the Hoe Cake batter. One last comment, My father, the historian, Claude Nolen whose second book “African Americans Southerners in Slavery,Civil War and Reconstruction” discusses slave food and cooking. The first chapter,”Cabins and Quarters; Food and Clothing” will be interesting to many. Adrienne Nolen Sudolsky


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