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Simple and Cheap: Collard and Fish Pepper Spaghetti

In The Garden
In The Garden

The ingredients are classic to a lot of cuisines, but leafy greens, hot pepper, sesame and peanuts are African Diaspora favorites.  This is a great recipe for Kwanzaa or any time!  The ingredients are inexpensive, versatile and readily available.  I picked a bunch of my greens (see the right lower corner of above picture) and put them to this recipe.  Recommendation–for a boost do veggie tri-color spaghetti and amp up the vegetable intake.  You can lower the amount of oil or adjust salt as necessary.  Stay healthy and stay un-broke!  Michael

Collard and Fish Pepper Spaghetti

4 oz. of thin spaghetti

1 pound of collard greens cut into thin strips

2 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped

1 tsp of fresh ginger or powdered ginger

1 small fresh SEEDED hot chili–fish pepper  preferred (can’t get one or didn’t grow em–use a small serrano, cayenne, etc) the top of your pinky should be your guide..If you are too shy—do a red bell pepper or a sweet long pepper like Jimmy Nardellos…

1/4 cup of olive oil

1 tbsp of red wine vinegar (optional)

kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper

2 tbsp of chopped roasted peanuts or 2 tsps of sesame (benne) seeds (optional).

Bring a large pot of water, salted to taste to boil.  Cook spaghetti according to directions, with a rule of thumb of 8-10 minutes boiling time, 7-8 for al dente or firm spaghetti. Drain once cooked and set aside in bowl.

Meanwhile heat the olive oil in a pan and gently saute the fresh garlic and fresh ginger until a very light brown, throw in collard green strips and hot chili with a pinch of kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper.  Saute for about 3-4 minutes until they give up their moisture and start to wilt.  Add vinegar and mix together.

Pour the collard/chili/garlic/ginger mix over the spaghetti and toss well.  Add peanuts and or sesame seeds and mix well.  Season further to taste.

(Protein options:  cooked/freshly sauteed chicken, shrimp,firm white fish pair well with this recipe.)







1 comment on “Simple and Cheap: Collard and Fish Pepper Spaghetti

  1. Sounds really good. I ate collard greens for the first time this year.


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