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Cheers! The Cooking Gene has a new domain! (And a recipe to toast that with….)

Hey all–The Cooking Gene has a new domain:

Rose Hip Cosmopolitan or Red Hibsicus Cosmopolitan

Now this is not rose hip time.  Rose hip time is in the summer.  However, if for some odd reason you can find them–try it–just steep the sliced rose petals in vodka for a few weeks in a cool, dark place–just as you would citron or vanilla, etc.

OR you can go all African Diaspora on your vodka and use Roselle/bissap/red hibiscus flowers, also known in Latin America as “jamaica.”  In Senegal, bissap is often called the national drink!  Roselle is a plant with useful leaves, flowers, and and other parts that are used to make a tea or infusion.  You’ve probably had it in the form of “Red Zinger,” from Celestial Seasonings.  Roselle infused vodka gives you results in a few hours time, depending on what kind of result you want.  For every four ounces add between a teaspoon and two of dried hibiscus flowers, allow to set and strain and use in the following Cosmopolitan recipe.

If you of alcohol persuasion are wondering why there is a little extra sweetness in this recipe, the answer is my people like sweet alcoholic drinks.  Having poured for many a winery I can honestly tell you, “dry” and “off-dry” never sold much wine to our people.  (Add your own social commentary here…don’t really care…)

1 ounce of Rose Hip or Hibiscus Flower Vodka, stepped, strained and chilled…

1/2 ounce of Triple Sec

1/2 ounce of Lime or Meyer Lemon juice

1-2 teaspoon(s) of Demerara or raw sugar dissolved in a tablespoon of water

Mix in a drink shaker, covered, pour the strained liquid out into a large martini glass.  You can rim the glass with a citrus wedge and dip in sugar for extra effect .

Drink in moderation and be responsible and be of legal age.


1 comment on “Cheers! The Cooking Gene has a new domain! (And a recipe to toast that with….)

  1. Wednesday

    Awesome job addressing Roselle plants and infused vodka. Thank you!


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