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Table Talk, 1893 “Crab Gumbo, such as they give you in Baltimore…”

Table Talk, “Housekeepers Inquiries”

Mrs. Helen Louise Johnson

February 1893, Volume VIII: No. 2

Inquiry No. 2203.

Have you a good recipe for
crab gumbo, such as they give you in Baltimore?”


The recipe given came just as worded from a Southern


Mix one tablespoonful of butter with one tablespoonful of
lard, and as soon as hot add the following finely chopped: One onion, one
garlic, one small slice of ham, one-half pound of raw beef or veal, one sprig of
parsley, one bay leaf (bruised), one small red pepper—-

(She probably means a cayenne or fish pepper!)

sprinkle in one-half of a cup of flour. Allow these ingredients to brown. Prepare as for stew six crabs.
Add these with one cup of okra and one quart of water, and simmer two hours; add
one cup of rice, one quart of water.. Simmer until rich and thick, adding more
water, if necessary, and serve with slices of lemon peel.

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