Once upon a time there was a tool called a scragg broom used to make swept yards….I know this because my father used one in Virginia and South Carolina growing up.

And you made banjos from gourds:

Do not get excited presentation-seekers–I do not play any instrument! Not even the gourd banjo!

Of course, the tobacco had to be looked over for bugs:

On some days when the frost finally came and the simmons got “bit” they had to be gathered up before the deer and possums and raccoons got to them:

There were so many things to be done, drying peanuts for instance:

And at the days end—you had to pound corn…

Folks had to gather moss to stuff their beds, but I couldn’t that day because its protected…

And you know what happened with cotton–our botanical nemesis:

And now for some good old fashioned “slave row” hog killing time butchering:

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