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A Blog You Should Know About: Betumi

An African Inspired Pizza Recipe?  You bet!!! Check out Betumi and find out how to translate authentic Ghanaian flavors into an American obsession-pizza…Fran Osseo-Asare, teacher, scholar, amazing cook; of State College Pennsylvania is one of many leaders and pioneers in the field that I count myself lucky to find as a supporter and friend.  Fran gave me my first ASFS appearance as we presented to a packed room at a conference in 2009 at State College about the reach, meaning and import of African cuisine on the world stage. For more about that occasion:

Fran Osseo-Asare, Igor Cussak, Myself and another dear friend, Cindy Bertlesen at the ASFS conference in 2009

Fran’s blog, Betumi, is a no brainer.  It’s one of the most consistent sources of information about African cuisine and its contemporary relevance to the world food scene in the blogosphere today.  Not to mention Fran wrote what I consider (and you know I’m picky…) one of the most concise and accurate histories/volumes on regional African cuisine–Food Culture  in Sub-Saharan Africa (Greenwood, 2005)

Which reminds me, Fran, I need you to sign my copy!

Fran’s work is based on lived experience and not just armchair engagement and speculation which is why I like her work.  She’s also married to a Ghanaian gentleman and travels through Ghana and West Africa frequently to see family, conduct research and cook! I hope to go with her one day since my own family origins point back to the Asante people of central/southern Ghana.  Her writings serve as an  excellent tour guide through the culinary world that I’ve dreamed of getting to see firsthand!

Check out Fran’s blog and tell her I sent you 🙂

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