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The MADFeed — Burek and BarbecueMichael Twitty Today we feature…

http://madfeed.co/post/105292419170/michael-twitty-mad-symposium Just for you a special peak into an essay I wrote last year that you may not have gotten a chance to see. It’s on what happens when barbecue and burekas meet 🙂 a meditation on culinary collisions for … Continue reading

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The MADFeed — Nyapo’s Garden and the Terroir of MemoryMichael…

http://madfeed.co/post/82287098089/michael-twitty-mad-terroir-of-memory A few months ago I was asked to do a piece for the MAD food blog by Gabe Ulla and Rene Redzepi…yes that Rene: ..a piece about culinary justice in action. Here you can read about how one very … Continue reading

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