We love the supporters of http://www.Afroculinaria.com. The support for The Cooking Gene has been immense and I am beyond grateful. We are more than just people with a common interest and passion, we have become a community. I am blessed and feel happy to be a part of a new path in African American food culture.

We do a lot here….me and my small…and I do mean small….army of volunteers. We research, we help folks get to Africa for the first time, we making naming ceremonies happen, we get things done without having a formal office or institution to work from.

We always love and need your financial support. Our annual budget of copies, research trips and free programs for youth and more is around 2,500. Not a lot of cabbage but this year has already been busy. We do a lot with 2500 bucks. It keeps the bills paid and site maintenance going.

One of the programs we will be doing every year is a The Cooking Gene Culinary Tour. In 2018 we went to Ghana, next year are headed to Benin.

Without a staff or office and with minimal support equipment this gets rough fast. Everything else comes out of my pockets. To keep these trips annual and affordable it’s going to take some work. However, given how wonderful my own experiences in the South and West Africa have been, I want more of our chefs to get to visit their ancestral homeland.

Photocopies, faxes, research trips, tour organization… It’s doable. We just need a little bit of help. If only a handful of our social media followers pitch in, we got this.

In Honor of National Soul Food Month please consider making a 5-10-18$ donation to http://www.Afroculinaria.com through our PayPal.com account (koshersoul@gmail.com) or see our PayPal button. We appreciate your annual kindness and hope you will continue to learn and grow as we take over the world with love and fellowship, one plate at a time.

Love and Peace,

Michael and Crew

3 comments on “It’s That Time of Year Again: Passing the Plate!

  1. was very moved by your book
    I now Feel much more comfortable summoning the ancestors when I cook,


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