After Africa.

I haven’t exactly been a good blogger for a while. I’m sorry for being inconsistent. This past year and a half has been extraordinary. I haven’t had writer’s block so much as my soul has pressed pause. I’m desperately trying to take it all in.

When you shift from blog to book, all of a sudden filing material gets very very tricky. Articles, books or blog? To be honest the blog, which is free until monetized, gets the short end of the stick. Confessional as I am, I also have been processing a lot in my journey. And this past year I went to Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana. I can hardly believe it myself.

I can hardly believe all the things that have come to pass that were once just prayers and thoughts. I think I’ve waited my entire life to feel as though I’ve transitioned from what state to another, to feel initiated into a new period of life; this is it.

Something happens to you when you finally see Africa. My guide and friend Ada Anagho Brown says that the feeling you get is that of “your Ancestors thrilled that they finally get to return home, through you. It’s not just you walking, dancing, breathing, seeing things through your eyes, they are, simultaneously, returning.”

4 comments on “After Africa.

  1. Being a great lover of your blog and your book, I am just happy that you still find time to share your thoughts and words here. Your adventure to Africa was obviously life-changing. Can’t wait to see how it is incorporated into your future writing.

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  2. Ettosi Brooks

    I am so happy you were able to experience this and bring that awareness of the ancestors to the journey. Blessings. Tosi

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  3. Congratulations on everything! And thank you for sharing Ada Anagho Brown’s words – that’s such a beautiful perspective❣️


  4. Anne Goelet Sijmonsbergen

    Love your writing. I discovered you thru a journalist friend. I will definitely buy your book, look forward to reading it. Best, Anne Sijmonsbergen


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