Jackie Gordon—The Singing Chef


1. What’s your food vision for 2015? What do our priorities need to be?

All of us have to vote with our dollars by supporting food companies, food producers and farmers that have our best interests (health, education, togetherness, etc.) as part of their mission. We have to make eating healthier, unprocessed food a priority. We have to cook for ourselves and the people we love. We have to find ways to get our hands dirty in the garden, on the fire escape, etc. growing our own food.

Jackie's late tomatoes

2. What inspires your culinary creativity?

What drives me is the look on people faces when they eat delicious food or laugh at one of my songs. I love to delight people with food so that inspires me to be creative. I also think it’s hereditary. My heritage is Jamaican, Jewish and Italian. I come from a line of passionate cooks, all the way back to my great grandmother and probably before her. Their passion fuels me. Lastly, I feed on my food loving friends. The people who are in my vast network inspire me with their food photos on social media, their food stories and the dishes we eat when we’re out on eating adventures. I’m rich because I have them in life.

3. What’s your best dish or drink or meal?

This is the hardest question for me to answer. It’s like trying to pick your favorite child. It’s sounds corny, but I really do try to make every dish I make my best. It doesn’t always work out that way, but that’s my intent.

4. What’s your favorite edible treat?

I always answer really well prepared Japanese food, especially served as a set where I get lots of different dishes on a tray — I love this! A treat for me means, I didn’t cook it. I rarely cook Japanese food because it can be complex and there’s an aesthetic that I don’t have time for. I like it to keep it a treat by not making it and having it made for me.

5. What should we be on the lookout from you for in 2015?

I’m super excited to be making my first food music video for my song “Bacon Makes Everything Better”. The first stage will be “Your Dish To Star In My Video” contest where home cooks chefs, culinary professionals and food bloggers will compete to be one of the 15 featured dishes I sing about in the song. My team will produce a video and there will be an e-cookbook with the winners and runner up dishes. The second stage will be making the video go viral!!!

I will be producing Pie Party Potluck LIVE! for the fourth year!

I’m going to crowdfund my cookbook CD “No Singing At The Dinner Table” with 100 recipes and my original food love songs. 


6. How can we follow you, stay in touch and support you?

My blog and social media links are below. Please come hang out with me online — talk to me there, get on my mailing list, please help spread the word about my projects, keep me abreast of any opportunities and ask for my help with any connections you may need.

Get your FREE gift: Top Ten Easy Ways To Add More Delight To Your Dishes at http://www.jackiegordon.com (plus my secret IMHO one word restaurants I’ve eaten in review list…. Shhh…)

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  1. I’ve come to recognize that Food Sharing equals Love & Caring, in our family & friend groups. My thanks for your sharing…


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