1 comment on “Culinary Historian Michael Twitty On The Politics & Power Of Food » Arts & Life » OPB

  1. Lee AnnTetrault

    Your “vanilla ice cream” writing was incredible and eye opening for me, raised in upstate NY,rural, not too much money, cooking smart and frugally was what defined us, and brought us to appreciate the good times. So now living in Virginia, older and a little better off for the years of living thru life’s lessons, it isn’t until we made friends here, and talked of their growing up years, learned of how oft times, they endured a betrayal of their dreams, that I actually understood much of the real world endured by African Americans. We knew of the major insults, and travesties, but most certainly your writing really opened a whole new window of informational history to me, well done, and look forward to much more of your writing. Lee Ann Tetrault,, Powhatan, VA


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