Yes, I Missed Giving Tuesday, but…

I am about to give tzedakah–or righteous giving, because at this time of year, so many people need–food, clothing, resources.  I have been one of those people and its heartbreaking and humiliating.  I encourage you to search Afroculinaria and consider giving to the many organizations I have links to so that people can be freed from bondage, fed in times of need, and projects and programs can be bolstered that help ensure a better food world for our children.  Everybody can do a little bit–even when you don’t have a lot.  If you can’t give money or resources, give your time and think global but act local.  

It goes without saying we could ALWAYS use your help here at Afroculinaria. I have so many blessings to count in 2013.  However we still have bills to pay and can always use your help in helping me and my colleagues go forward with our mission of culinary justice, preserving traditional food knowledge, and promoting cultural awareness and racial reconciliation and healing.  Your small contributions (see the little Paypal button) go to paying our fees, buying space so that we can increase the content we give you, travel to preserve and document traditional foodways and do research.  PLEASE consider Afroculinaria in your giving this season and we hope that my/our appearance at MAD, on Bizarre Foods and Many Rivers to Cross, in Lucky Peach and Garden and Gun show that our work is legitimate, important and needed.  THANK YOU to all our previous donors in 2013!  Please keep it up!


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