About Donations to Afroculinaria–Thank You and an Explanation

The past few days have brought a fast trickle of donations to Afroculinaria.  No small potatoes from where I’m sitting.  Thank you all for donating here and there, I wish i could list everybody’s name but some people may not be comfortable with that–just know with each one I close my eyes really tight and ask a blessing on those who have blessed this site.  

Your donations get tucked away for the upkeep of the site–it comes with annual bills for domain registration and renewals and needs space upgrades on occasion.  When we need to get to a site but don’t have the money upfront to travel your donations make it possible for us to reach people and document their stories.  Basically you are our upkeep and emergency fund to make sure that we can grow in a stable and professional way.  I’m out here on my own, doing things the self-made American way, balancing social justice and activism with a commitment to scholarship, personal truth and documentary excellence.  

Thank you for your support, your kind words, encouragement, prayers and overall generosity.  All of it is welcome, appreciated and needed.  

7 comments on “About Donations to Afroculinaria–Thank You and an Explanation

  1. jamdontshakelikethat

    My father (b. 1918) would have called that “self respect money,” Michael. Many blessings on you.


  2. Ellen Herbert

    It’s through recent food celebrity news that I was introduced to your blog and your efforts. Your thoughts were a silver lining in that dreary and tedious tale and I am glad to know of your work and all that you represent. All best wishes.


  3. Dianne Tant

    I hope Paula Deen comes to your fundraiser in September/


  4. pearltf1

    I’m a new follower, where and when is your fundraiser? also, hope you don’t mind my asking, I noticed you teach Judaic studies and come from Jewish origin. Would love to know how your Jewish bloodline comes in.
    Hugs, love and smiles, I so respect your honesty and saying it as it is.


    • Hi Pearl! And Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I became Jewish through conversion ten years ago. I go to a Sephardic synagogue. You can find more info about the Stagville dinner by clicking the link to the page here on the blog. MANY THANKS!


  5. Powerful article! I am delighted to know that your blog exists. As foodie and cook I love to discuss the ways in which we bond and transfer cultural traditions via the fun of cooking. I would like information regarding your fundraiser. Shalom!


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