This was a great afternoon, too short, too short!!!

Denzell Mitchell of Five Seeds Farm @5seedsfarm on Twitter and I were hosted on WAMU 88.5 by Kojo Nnamdi (@KojoShow)

Special thanks to Mike M. @MikeMartinezDC and Camelia for their putting this together.  Photo Courtesy The Kojo Nnamdi Show.

And here’s the show! Have fun!


Common Good City Farm:

Five Seeds Farm:

Woodberry Kitchen:

Capital City Farm Company:

City Blossoms:

Three Part Harmony Farm:

Aya Community Markets:

DC Greens:

Healthy Affordable Food For All (HAFA):


Montgomery County Food Council:

Washington Youth Garden:

Wangari Community Gardens:

Washington Gardener Magazine:

Rooting DC:

Tambra Raye/NativSol Kitchen:

Neighborhood Farm Initiative:

A 19th Century Heirloom Kitchen Garden I Grew Myself, 2009
A 19th Century Heirloom Kitchen Garden I Grew Myself, 2009

2 comments on “Just in Case You Wanted to Listen In, The Kojo Nnamdi Show Interview

  1. I tuned into this wonderful show on my way down to North Carolina from DC last week, where I was lecturing Marcie Cohen Ferris’ Foodways class. I was very excited to learn of you and your work, and share a friend in Marcie and an interest in traditional foodways of the Mid-Atlantic region! Looking forward to following your blog and reading more of your writing.

    Emily Hilliard


  2. Have you heard of Ron Finley? He was on the Ted talks this year. Favorite quote “growing your own food is like growing your own money”
    Check out his picture of him with the shovel and sunflowers: the new American Gothic. 🙂


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