Come See More Than Slaves!

“More Than Slaves” African American Programming at Colonial Williamsburg
July 7 – 8
“More Than Slaves,” Colonial Williamsburg’s special programming, July 6-8, depicts the inspiring stories of a people actively seizing opportunities to change their circumstances. During the American Revolution, African Virginians were aware that they were excluded from the rights and privileges afforded to the ruling class and race.  Many became more active in seeking freedom and liberty. While doing so, they maintained strong connections to their African cultural heritage.  Culinary historian Michael W. Twitty presents special programs that reveal the historic connections to African roots maintained by the enslaved African Virginians through food and the lasting influence of this culinary tradition on the development of American Cuisine.  Programs include: “Souls around the Hearth,” “The Golden Age of Africa in Virginia,” “Foodways to Freedom,” and “The Power of Plants.  See website or call 800-HISTORY for more information.

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