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Go See Red Tails–Like Now….

Sorry–I don’t buy this “don’t command me to go see a movie just because ……”  Go see the damn movie.

Put it to you this way—as a Jew–if this was a movie about the Shoah or other aspects of Jewish history or culture–we could count on our own to support our own–as a priority and not an option.   As an African American I want to be able to see that kind of support for projects that tell the story of African American history and culture and inspire pride in our people and all Americans.  So if you’re vacillating, go see the movie-NOW.   Aaron Macgruder (Creator/Writer of The Boondocks) said it best–“we had a Black president before we had a Black action hero.”

The Tuskeegee Airmen were some of American’s history’s greatest heroes.  They had to fight on two fronts—segregated America and racist, facist Germany.  We are indebeted to all WWII veterans, but especially those who were of color–African American, Native American, Mexican American and Japanese American who had to battle for the very freedom they were sent to protect.

Tell Anthony Hemingway and George Lucas (we love you George Lucas!) that we are grateful. Tell “Hollywood,” that we are MORE THAN JUST THE HELP!  Tell your neighbors that this history is important and needs to be passed on.  Tell your children there’s more to life than the stereotypes and negative impressions that we aren’t the heroes, the beautiful ones, the ones with the stories to tell and be retold.  We were part of two greatest generations–the one that fought against tyranny in World War II and the long generation that build this country in chains and survived against all odds in American chattel slavery!

After Shabbat–I’m at the theater watching Nazis go down…hope you are too…

Don’t forget about us:  www.thecookinggene.wordpress.com Same phenomenon……we need to remember, support for our history is not a given, its a community priority.


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