Who: Marc Steiner and I

Where: http://www.steinershow.org/radio/the-marc-steiner-show

When: Today, December 13, 2011, 5-7 p.m. EST


Marc Steiner has had me on his talk radio program out of Baltimore before talking about fish peppers–if you missed that here it is—http://www.steinershow.org/radio/the-marc-steiner-show/may-20-2010-hour-2.

Today–my interview airs talking about the role of Native and African Americans in the shaping and development of the Chesapeake/Delmarva ecosystems and the contemporary consequences for sustainability.  I hope you will tune in and keep up with Marc over the net if you are not in Baltimore for the innovative and current programming he airs on WEAA.  I talk about the role that tobacco and slavery had in shaping the land, displacing indigenous peoples, and the ways that enslaved Africans interacted and shaped the landscape given their cultural backgrounds–a topic which will never fail to fascinate me here in out subtropical climate/temperate season climate.  See you there and feel free to contact me here with any comments about the broadcast!  http://www.steinershow.org/

Until then–don’t be crabby…Michael

Softshells Fighting Over Bait

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