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Ancestors and Elders: An Offering for African American Heritage Month

Praying for the Ancestors, Sullivan's Island, the "Ellis Island" of Black America

I welcome African American Heritage Month, a time of reflection passed down from the wisdom of Carter G. Woodson; a time to reflect on the yearlong, centuries-wide blessings of people of African descent in the United States.

Thanks Mama and Daddy for putting Black history posters up in my room and t-shirts that taught about Black inventors and for my first computer.  Thanks to Grammy and Nana for cooking up a storm and telling me things that I can pass on. Thanks to Grandaddy for leaving me a legacy of learning and broad sympathy for all of what we were, are and will be and thanks to be Grandaddy  for hanging in there and being here to tell us how it was and what we have to do…And most of all thanks for being with me for the Obama inauguration.

Thanks to my ancestors…

My Great-Great Grandmother Hattie Mabry Bellamy born enslaved 1862-1923
My Great Great Grandfather, James Booker born enslaved, 1839-1953

I have tried to do what I can to teach what you passed down, but if you had not been, I would not be. Medawse/Adupe!

Hauling the Pickings
I did it for a day, they did it for life...

We’ve said grace, now let’s cook…


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