Really cool article about my recent visit to Brownsville Community Culinary Center. Photographs 1-5 below by Brroklyn based photographer Clay Williams.

Executive Chef Charlene adding spices to Country Captain.
I love signing books.

Chef trainees learning from Chef Femi.
Making the spicy dressing for the sweet potato salad.
Hanging with my elders in Brownsville.
A sweet fresh strawberry from the hoop house!

The bees of Brownsville.
With the legendary Nicole Taylor.

At a community garden in Brownsville.
Hanging with the future James Beard Award Winners!

1 comment on “How An Antebellum Chef Is Inspiring Brownsville Culinary Students To Reclaim Their Food Heritage: Gothamist

  1. This is SO amazing – thank you for posting 🙂 I am in Brooklyn and know about this program – Bless you for educating and supporting this effort 🙂


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