Helen Hollyman, Editor of Vice’s very popular Munchies site sat down with me to have a conversation about Southern food and cultural politics. I discuss dialoguing with Sean Brock, the Charleston food press and my forthcoming book, The Cooking Gene.  I hope you enjoy!



Episode Title:
#17 Michael Twitty – Addressing Racial Inequality in the Southern Kitchen

Episode Description:
On the latest episode, I sit down with culinary historian Michael Twitty to discuss his new book, The Cooking Gene, and his open letter to chef Sean Brock, which addresses current racial inequalities in the Charleston food scene.

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1 comment on “Michael Twitty Addresses Racial Inequality in the Southern Kitchen | MUNCHIES

  1. A totally awesome post! I’m a cook and a foodie, and love Southern cuisine. It’s important to realize that no industry, unfortunately, is free of negativity and intolerance. Thank you for posting this and for shining a much-needed light on something that was, and still is, an issue. It’s unfortunate, because food is one of the main things that links all cultures, all races, all ethnicities and all religions. You would think that cooking would be the thing that creates bridges…….well, in my world, it definitely is! Great post!


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